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Rainbow Child/Go Slow


Jon Bertelsen Unge



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Rainbow Child - Jon Bertelsen Unge

Jon Bertelsen Unge:


I am a craftsman by profession and songwriter at heart; Maybe I'm odd in some ways, but never questioned in my identity; Quite aware and empathetic anyway - I think - and open to what life has to come by; I am Norwegian, 48 years old and has almost half my life lived in Stockholm; No longer to be seen as young and promising, but still always making music besides work and family, without really coming out to the public; The father of three children - a girl, a boy and a trans boy.


As a songwriter, I can not help but write when something moves me and when the youngest came out as transgender the need to do something outwardly became intrusive and the right conditions happened to be present: I have therefore for the first time produced a real record - a "single" with two songs .

Two songs with

parental feelings

Rainbow Child:

A bright song with dark streaks; a long crescendo of guitars, organ, drums, bass and voices; When the child came out as transgender at 17, I was overcome by emotion - the sorrow concerning the little girl who would not exist anymore, but most of all the joy of the boy's life who now would bloom as it wanted.

Go Slow

("the B-side"): An older song that came about when the older child went through a turbulent adolescence with self-injurious behavior and rebellion. A seemingly simple and nice song, but with a heavy heart of concerned parental feelings; Felt at date again now that I learn about LGBTQ peoples overrepresentation in self-injury- and suicide statistics.

Jon Bertelsen Unge (Photo: Elisabeth Ubbe
Rainbow Child (ill: Jonna Sjöblom)

Stolta Föräldrar till


(Proud Parents of

LGBTQ-children in Stockholm)


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RFSL Stockholm

organizing thematic meetings and workshops, as well as working with the Stockholm Pride festival. Pridefestivalen.






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Video from the releaseparty:

Article in lokal newspaper (in Swedish):

Youtube video prior to the release:

Here you can hear small snippets of the songs in the youtube video I made prior to the Pride festival in Stockholm, 2016. All the written information will be in Swedish but it is no longer current anyway - so just listen! Hopefully you'll be so curious that you ask me to send you a CD!



Jon Bertelsen Unge: Words and Music. Lead vocal and acoustic guitars.

Erik Damberg: Engeneering. Electric guitars, bass, keyboard and backing vocals.

Jango Nilsen: Drums.

Jonna Sjöblom: Illustration.

Elisabeth Ubbe: Photography.

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